Sad Love Quotes

Just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Looking for Sad love quotes and messages you can send to your broken hearted Sad friends? Here’s a collection of Sad love quotes and  messages that you can copy and send to your friends

Sad Love Quotes Collection

  • I wish I could give you my pain just for awhile, not to hurt you, but for you to understand how much you hurt me.
  • It’s never the tears that measure the pain…..sometimes, it’s the smile we fake just to show others we’re ok 🙁
  • The only way to know if the person you love really loves you…is when you give him/her the taste of hell…yet…s/he still feels like heaven with you 🙂
  • Maybe he is doing the same thing as me.. Maybe he wants to call me so bad, but just won’t because I haven’t called…then again, maybe I shouldn’t fill myself with false hope that he might just be missing me like I’m missing him 🙁
  • It’s when your mind says let go, but your heart tells you to hold on 🙁 It’s when you dream of that person almost every night only to wake up in the morning with tears in your eyes… and most of all, it’s when no matter how you try to forget that person, you just can’t 🙁 … ‘coz of the fact that you love that person and you just don’t know why 🙁

Sad Quotes for lost love

  • They met. But the timing isn’t right.
    She had her reasons & he had his.
    They’re both confused. So they decided to part ways.
    She wants him to wait, he said he will. Whatever it takes..
    Years later, they saw each other. But too much time has passed. Too late to make it work.
    People change, so as the heart
  • Why do you always look for someone perfect when what you really need is someone real?
    Why do you take for granted someone who cares a lot for you?
    Why do you fool around when you know someone gets hurt?
    The answer is simple: ’cause you love and value yourself more than anyone else that you fail to value those who love you more than themselves 🙁
  • Letting go of someone dear to you is hard thing to do.. But holding on to someone who doesn’t even  feel the same is much harder.. GIVING UP doesn’t mean your WEAK.. It only means that your STRONG enough to LET GO!
  • Contentment is always the issue. But when you feel the right person comes and leaves u… damn thats the time you’ll feel really hurting…

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  1. pgngmhl ka,pliin mo yng ^*”GAGO^*”
    kac,ang ^*”GAGO^*”pgngmhl,ngbabago…eh!
    ang ^*GWAPO^*”…..pgngmhl,harp-hrpn kng

  2. dont love.. the love.. that never love.. your love…


    no time for love daw!!!

  3. tangena niya kelan mahal kuna sya dun pa nya ko iniwan at pinaglaruan dana bakit anu pba ang kulang skin??huhu………….

    kpag nakikita ku sya ayawkungipakita ang px cu nkakainis sya pagkasama ku sya ipinapa dama nya na mahal na mahal nya ko taiduna..:(

  4. i love 8….
    your pain can never be feel
    by those person who are….?
    numb, damn, and certified..,
    (don’t fool yourself)

    …..I WANNA DIE…….

  5. it may sound absurd, but i finally fell in love wid u bes… “estoy enamorado de ti”… hope u know it!

  6. bkt ganun natutunan ktang mahalin…
    tps ikaw niloko mo ako c BERNIA pla mahal mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hehehehe nice ang mga quotes……
    type ko lahat heheheh
    post naman kayo diyan…………………………………
    para maiba namaan ang mga quotes…….

    @};- ty sa mga nag post.. @};-



  9. ,.namimis ko ang mga araw
    nah magkaxama tayo,.
    ,.mga araw nah nagkukulitan tayo,.
    ,.mga araw nah nag-aaway tayo.,
    ,.peu bket ganun di maalis ang mga araw nah npaluha mo ako
    at nasaktan ng todo-todo..

    ,.just make ur own,.



  10. ,.naniwala ako seu nah ako lan ang mhal muh at wla nang iba pah,.
    ,.naniwala aq nah aq lan ang nag iisa,.
    ,.peu bket ganun TANGA bah aq dahil d aq makapaniwala nah lahat nang un ai palabas lan at kasinungalingan,.
    ,.gayung mahal nah mahal kita,.

  11. ,.minahal kta higit pah sah buhay q,.
    ,.bnigai q ang lahat seu,.
    ,.peu baket gani2,.
    ,.ginago muh lan ako,.

  12. ,.kung gusto mo ng taong magmamahal seu,.
    ,.andito lan ako sa tabi muh, laging nag-hihintay sa tawag mo nah sana ikaw nalan ang inibig ko ng di ako nasasaktan ng ganito,.

  13. u can never teach a guy to love u the way u want to be love. u have to wait for him to do it in his own way, in his own time. that’s d saddest part of being a girl. but u can never teach a girl to love d guy bck d way she did before if she already grew tired understanding, waiting to be appreciated and love the way she deserves to be love. that’s the saddest part of being an insensitive man.

  14. bat ganun kng kelan pa mhal na mhal m na cya . . ska cya lumalayo? bngay ko na lhat ah . . anu pa bang kulang? . . .F^&k . . bt d ka mwala sa icpan ko

  15. haPpy new yeAr zah Lahat!! ^_^
    p0st nMn keU ng iba pang quotes dyan. .

    laaY kAau m0 -_- aHhhaha
    OA ang uban pipoL dha.. aHhaha

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