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Love text messages collection

  • Certain people touch your heart and you can’t stop thinking about them. That’s the kind of person you are… simple, yet worthy to be a speacial one
  • Every Story of life in this world was written by God’s own hands. I’m very thankful because as He wrote my life, He included you as part of it.
  • Finding nice persons in this big and complicated world, is truly a magical thing! But for me? Finding you is not only magic – It’s a blessing!
  • Girl: “What are you doing?” (asked to a boy spinning continuously)Boy: “I am spinning counterclockwise, each turn robs the planet of angular momentum. slowing the planet’s spin the tiniest bit.. lengthening the night..pushing back the dawn.. Giving me a little more time here.. with you.” Ü

More Loving Text Messages

  • It was never my intention knowing you better, but something between us has come for us to know each other. And now, I see the value of you in me, not just for a moment..but forever 🙂
  • Unexpectedly you came into my life, We started at strangers, and doesn’t even know that both of us exists. Now that I knew you, I have realized the beauty of expecting the unexpected.
  • Someone told me that life isn’t perfect. Then … I thought of you… and realized: yeah life is far from perfect …but having you makes it damn closer. 🙂 Good night!
  • When I first know you, I never thought you’d be that special to me just what you are right now. I may not be that expressive with what I feel, but to tell you honestly, you’ve been one of the best people I share my smiles with.

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