Mother’s Day Quotes and Messages

Please send this Mother’s day quoptes and text messages to all the mothers out there. For all mothers, this is your day! Happy Mothers’ day!!

  • Moms are not as physically strong as dads are… But if you happen to look at the hands that nurtured us from that 9 mos of us in their wombs up to where we are now, you’d see the strength that has sculpted a big part of ourselves… And if you happen to witness the flow of tears for all the pains that they have endured.. For all the hardships that they battled to defend us and keep us free from harm… Behind the fragile vulnerable looks of moms, a battle survivor stands tall for the people they love and and to keep that promise to protect for all times of their lives… Happy mothers’ day to all Mothers! Continue reading “Mother’s Day Quotes and Messages”