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Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days in the Filipino calendar. Filipinos are known to be lovable people. They tend to celebrate this special day in different ways, like dinner dates, giving of gifts, chocolates and flowers to their love ones. They also share sweet words through cards and even text messages. So, here are some Tagalog Valentine’s Day Quotes to help you with what to say to you special someone. These Pinoy Valentine’s Day Quotes are best for all you guys who are in love and want to express your feelings in a special way.

Tagalog Valentine’s Day Quotes Collections

  • Ang nagbabasa nito, WALANG KADATE sa VALENTINES.
  • Ngayong Valentines Day katitigan ko si Monitor, kaholding hands ko si Mouse. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY na lng sa inyo dyan!
  • Ano ngayon kung wala kang boyfriend o girlfriend sa Valentine’s Day? Paano nalang yung mga walang nanay pag Mother’s Day?
  • ☐ Single.
    ☐ Taken.
    ☑ Okay lang akoIkaw saan kba dito ngayong Valentines Day?
  • February 14, Valentine’s day, day of hearts, Cupid’s invasion, lovers’day,
    Ang tanong ngayon……….Sino ang kadate mo????? ;x
  • Naimbento ang araw na ito para sa mga taong nagmamahalan.
    Ito ang araw na nagpapaalala sa atin na dapat
    nating mahalin ang mga taong mahal natin
    ng higit pa nung una natin silang minahal
  • EYE TO EYE / TITIGAN lang kame ni computer
    Tapos, Holding hands kami ni MOUSE!

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